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Welcome to the New Year!

The Washington Education Association is excited to offer the following certification professional development opportunities for Winter 2022. These events are open to all active WEA members. If you are not a current WEA member, please contact us and we would be happy to assist you with membership options.

Online Certification Trainings will be conducted through zoom.  You will receive a follow-up email a few days prior to the event with zoom link information.

Teacher Certification 101 (2 Clock Hours)

Focuses on latest teacher certificate renewal requirements, policy changes, STEM renewal requirement, PGP basics, National Board basics, OSPI eCert platform.

Audience: Teachers and CTE Teachers

Educational Staff Associates (ESA) Certification 101 (2 Clock Hours)

Focuses on latest ESA certificate renewal requirements, policy changes, OSPI eCert platform, PGP basics and ESA professional growth needs.

Audience: Educational Staff Associates

National Board Information Session Series

Audience: Certificated educators

National Board Certification- Overview: Session 1 (2 Clock Hours)

This introductory session on National Board Certification provides an overview of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), the basics of the certification process, and why educators consider board certification.

National Board Certification- Standards & Process: Session 2 (2 Clock Hours)

This second session on National Board Certification focuses on a deeper exploration of the NBPTS certificate area standards and the four required components. The session also shares basics about candidate support options.

National Board Certification- Support & Next Steps: Session 3 (2 Clock Hours)

This third session in the WEA National Board Certification information series helps educators decide possible next steps and timelines with the certification process. Educators explore various support options available and finalize a personal checklist to guide their National Board journey.

Professional Growth Plan 1 (3 Clock Hours)

Certificated educators can complete 1 PGP per year for 25 clock hours for certificate renewal and salary movement.  The session covers PGP basics, alignment with TPEP, meeting STEM requirements using PGPs, and time to draft your PGP.

Audience: All certificated educators

Professional Growth Plan 2 (2 Clock Hours)

In this session, participants participate in small-group sessions focused on individualized feedback on PGP drafts. Participants have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions around PGPs and then have work time to make edits.

Audience: All certificated educators who have completed PGP #1

Professional Growth Plan 3 (2 Clock Hours)

In this final session, participants bring a completed PGP for final review.  The process facilitates possible sign-off of completed PGPs using a rubric.  Participants also explore the OSPI eCert platform for logging in their PGP/clock hours; they also review the steps for using PGPs for salary advancement.

Audience: All certificated educators who have completed PGP #2